Weekly ARA jet fuel stocks up 22 pct

LONDON, May 15 (Reuters) – ARA Jet fuel stocks held in independent storage at Europe’s Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp hub rose by 22 percent in the week to Friday, data from Dutch oil consultant PJK International showed.

Jet fuel stocks rose to 732,000 tonnes, boosted by imports from Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, Patrick Kulsen said.

New refineries such as Satorp in Jubail and Yasref in Yanbu are ramping up and sending more cargoes of jet fuel to Europe as it is not needed locally.

Gasoline stocks dipped slightly to 761,000 tonnes due to exports to West Africa and North America, whilst naphtha stocks declined to 224,000 tonnes on the back of demand from gasoline blenders and petrochemical buyers.

Weekly ARA stocks (in ‘000 tonnes)


15/05/2015 07/05/2015 15/05/2014
Gasoline 761 786 972
Naphtha 224 249 147
Gasoil 2,722 2,713 1,663
Fuel oil 849 865 667
Jet fuel 732 597 356


Incoming cargoes Outgoing cargoes
Gasoline Russia, UK Mexico, Togo, USA
Naphtha Finland, Russia, USA None
Gasoil Germany, Latvia, Russia, USA Algeria, France, Med
Fuel oil Brazil, Finland, France, Lithuania, Russia One VLCC planned to depart for Singapore on May 16
Jet fuel Kuwait, Saudi Arabia None


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