Weekly ARA gasoil stocks up 7 percent

LONDON, Aug 22 (Reuters) – Gasoil stocks independently held at the Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp hub rose 7 percent in the week ended Aug. 22 to 2.186 million tonnes, Dutch oil consultant Patrick Kulsen said.

Inventories are beginning to build at the hub because of limited barge traffic stemming from a combination of low water levels along the Rhine and strikes by German lock workers.
“Gasoil stocks increased as a result of high imports from Russia and weak hinterland demand,” Kulsen said.
Traffic along the Rhine was disrupted in the Cologne area on Tuesday and Wednesday after vessels ran aground as a result of high sediment levels on the riverbed, he added.
Dredging was under way in the area.

Gasoline stocks rose to 613,000 tonnes, from 602,000 tonnes a week earlier.
The relatively quiet regional market was offset by busy cargo trading, with several tankers heading to Latin America.
Fuel oil stocks dropped 20.8 percent after a VLCC finished loading and headed to Singapore over the weekend, Kulsen said.
Naphtha stocks fell 9.3 percent on the week, and jet fuel dropped 18.4 percent.

22/08/13 15/08/13 23/08/12
GASOLINE 613 602 718
NAPHTHA 78 86 160
GAS OIL 2,186 2,041 2,393
FUEL OIL 554 700
JET FUEL 337 413
All figures in thousands of tonnes
Incoming cargoes Outgoing cargoes
GASOLINE Estonia, Latvia, Norway, Scotland, Turkey Canada, Libya, Mexico, Puerto Rico, South Africa
NAPHTHA Nigeria, Russia
GAS OIL Russia
FUEL OIL Brazil, Britain, Lithuania, Russia Singapore (loading)
JET FUEL audi Arabia, South Korea

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