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The profitability of the ARA tank storage market is influenced by a number of changes in supply – and demand fundamentals. These tank storage drivers have a significant impact and will shape the future of this market. As a result profits of market players may vary accordingly. PJK International has conducted a detailed study of the ARA Tank Storage Market. It focuses on the central issue of profitability for storage companies in the ARA-region. Key questions that will be answered are:

  • How will profit potential evolve in the medium term for storage companies?
  • How will the tank storage demand per product group change?
  • How will this affect storage rates?

What will you learn from this analysis?

In this study, PJK International has made an in-depth analysis of specific ARA tank storage market drivers. First, the impact of European refinery closures on tank storage markets will be described. Second, transit flows from Russia to Asia, specifically fuel oil flows, will be highlighted. Third, the influence of the US refining renaissance is analysed and fourth, tank terminal developments are mapped out. Finally, storage rates developments are analysed. This analysis will help you understand the underlying market fundamentals, gives you an edge over your competition while making justified commercial and strategic decisions. Who will benefit from this analysis?

  1. Tank Storage companies;
  2. Oil Trading companies;
  3. Port authorities;
  4. Financial companies; and
  5. Other companies in any way related to the tank storage market.


The tank storage market analysis will be delivered in one integrated report (70pg.) with themes of European refineries, Russian fuel oil flows, US refinery renaissance, tank terminal capacity and tanks storage rates. It will give the reader unique insights on the drivers of profitability within the ARA tank storage market. Pricing The pricing for this study is €1,500.00 excl. VAT.

For more information about this study or or company, please contact us via phone: +31(0)76-76 76 326 or via mail: info@pjk-international.com.

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