Webinar 2.0

Discover New Ways to Unlock Key Tank Terminal Data

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WEBINAR NAME: 2.0: Smart Business Decisions, Powered by Data

DATE: 07/02/2018

TIME: 16:00 UTC+1:00

DURATION: 1 hour

WEBINAR GIVEAWAYS: Special rewards will be granted



Join the webinar and learn how’s upcoming search platform redesign will give you enhanced and accurate tank terminal data, which you will be able to access from any device and at any time.

So make sure to mark this date on your calendar 07/02/2018!


A brief snapshot of what we will be covering during the Webinar:

Tank Availability: Data on the availability of tank storage worldwide.

Summary Statistics: An overview of terminal search result that allows for multiple data comparisons.

Market Share Analysis: Compare terminals’ storage capacities to see market shares across regions.

Tank Capacity & Projection: Identify terminals’ tank capacity evolution to make growth forecasts.

Terminal Infrastructure Benchmarks: Easily compare terminals’ operational capabilities across ports, countries and regions.



Patrick Kulsen, Managing Director PJK International &

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