One of the main pillars of PJK International's product and service portfolio are the oil consultancy services. In recent years our company has conducted many oil consultancy projects and services ranging from commercial due diligence projects to in-depth market research, analysis and forecasts of the Northwest European tank terminal, oil, biofuels and chemical markets. Our data driven and quantitative approach combined with an extensive network has proven to be of added value to our customers.

Oil industry forecast in Europe by PJK International

An oil industry forecast is a highly appreciated instrument to predict future oil production, oil consumption and oil trade flow patterns in Europe. In recent years PJK International has evolved into a market research company specialized in oil industry forecasting. As stated above PJK International combines a quantitative and qualitative research approach. Production, consumption and trade flows variables extracted from large publicly available and private data sets form the base of the forecast analysis. The data is used to identify major market trends in the oil industry sector. The trends are verified by a thorough analysis based on scientific research and interviews with industry experts. PJK International's clients benefit from our market insights gathered through forecasting. They use our oil industry forecasts to develop or revise their market and/or investment strategy.

Tank Terminal analysis

One of the sectors that has had PJK International's special attention in recent years is the tank terminal sector. For a number of years PJK International has analysed this market and published its findings in a tank terminal analysis report that is revised annually. In this tank terminal analysis, supply and demand fundamentals are analysed. Analysis of the supply is centered around independent tank storage capacity and planned expansions. Analysis of demand is

analysed either through demand influencing factors, trade flows and market trends. Based on the results of these variables tank storage rates for different oil products can be modelled. This rate along with expected occupancy rates outlines the future profitability of ARA tank terminal market sector.

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When you are interested oil industry forecast in Europe or tank terminal analysis or when you would like to more of our oil consultancy services please contact our office, either by phone (+31(0)850-662500) or by mail. Download our project reference list, to read more on the consultancy services we have conducted in the past. We can guarantee you can count on the oil consultancy services we offer.

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