Do you want to know if the inland or oil tanker freight rates will increase or decrease? PJK International is your highly skilled partner in analysing freight rates. We deliver market analyses, market information and consultancy. We are an independent market research company and we are specialized in international petrochemical and petroleum markets. We can also advise you about the transport an storing of petrochemicals and storage levels of oil products, trading and risk management, commercial due diligence and market entry strategies.

Inland oil tanker freight rates from PJK International

If you need information on inland freight rates, please consult PJK International for the ARA freight rates. These are benchmark prices for transporting oil products within the region of Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Antwerp (ARA). With our inland freight rates we help make the shipping and transport market to become more transparent in an objective way. We also publish Rhine oil tanker freight rates. These are freight rates for the transportation of clean oil products from the ARA region to key Rhine destinations in France, Germany and Switzerland.. We base our inland freight rates on daily spot transactions, bids and offers and other relevant market information.

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Want to more about our market reports including inland and oil tanker freight rates? View a sample on our website. Want to know more about our services or do you need freight rates? Please do not hesitate to contact PJK International by calling +31(0)850-662500.

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