Specific information about the biodiesel market in Europe: PJK International

Since 2010 the biodiesel market in Northwest Europe looks relatively balanced, as supply and demand are gradually increasing at the same level. Also trade flows remain fairly stable. Reduced mandates for conventional biofuels and double counting measures in some Eurozone member states had a negative impact on demand. The Netherlands has the largest surplus in the market of biodiesel in relation to other Northwest European countries.

Biofuels market analysis: overview of biodiesel market Northwest Europe

PJK's biofuels market analysis shows that the imbalance of Northwest European countries (in this case: The Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany) is forecasted to switch from an oversupplied to a deficit biofuels market in 2020. High biofuels production volumes in The Netherlands and lower consumption due to fuel efficiency and the introduction of renewable energy supported the surplus especially in the case of biodiesel. However changing blending targets in Germany, where a switch was made from blending targets based on energy content to blending targets based on CO2 reduction, most likely will push the balance into a deficit.

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