Press Release, the world’s largest database on independent and commercial tank storage facilities, will launch a new and improved database platform.

Breda, The Netherlands (April 24, 2018) – has worked several months on a website design and a database platform with new features to improve the market intelligence capabilities of this tool.

The platform will go live at the end of April and will contain, besides a database on tank storage facilities located all over the world, analysis tools such as a market share calculator, historic and future capacitary evolution and a competitive benchmarking tool.

Patrick Kulsen, Managing Director of PJK International and said: “The improved platform will provide more insights in the global tank storage industry and will increase quality and efficiency.’ With the eye on future developments of the tool, he claimed that this was just the beginning.

The subscription model contains regional or global accounts with either a quarterly or a yearly duration. New features such as the competitive benchmarking tool and historic and future tank capacity can be purchased as addition to a regional or global subscription.

For more details on this innovative market information tool, contact our Managing Director Patrick Kulsen or our Marketing & Sales Manager Jacob van den Berge.

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