Gasoline stocks rise more than 8 pct in ARA hub

LONDON, July 11 (Reuters) – Gasoline stocks held independently in Europe’s Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp hub rose by 8.6 percent on the week to 783,000 tonnes, data from Dutch oil analyst Pieter Kulsen showed on Thursday.

A strike by operators of several key canals in Germany launched earlier this week has led to disruptions and delays in gasoline and diesel trade, Kulsen said.
However, the cargo market remained active.

Some of the gasoline volume could be destined for exports as demand for transatlantic gasoline exports is rising.

Latin American countries are picking up a growing share of Europe’s gasoline export market, helping to make up for a lack of appetite in U.S. markets.
Gasoline cargoes arrived in the region from Britain, Germany and Latvia and headed out to Britain, Mexico and West Africa for orders, according to Kulsen.
Naphtha stocks fell more than 29 percent to 124,000 tonnes. Cargoes came in from Norway, Russia and the United States and headed to northwest Europe.

11/07/13 04/07/13 12/07/12
GASOLINE 783 721 722
NAPHTHA 124 175 147
GAS OIL 1,837 1,897 2,303
FUEL OIL 672 750
JET FUEL 367 354

Middle distillate stocks were mixed, with jet fuel stocks rising just under 4 percent at 367,000 tonnes and gasoil inventories dropping more than 3 percent to 1.837 million tonnes.
Gasoil cargoes entered ARA from Britain, Canada, Russia and the United States and sailed to France and West Africa for orders.

Fuel oil supplies were down more than 10 percent at 672,000 tonnes.

Fuel oil cargoes arrived from Brazil, Britain, Estonia, France, Poland and Russia. One VLCC with a part cargo of fuel oil was planned to leave for Singapore on Thursday and a second VLCC was loading and scheduled to sail to Singapore on July 15.
One jet fuel cargo arrived from South Korea.

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