PJK Oil Market Analysis

With the daily market report PJK International meets the demand for independent advice which leads to better financial performance and market knowledge.

Benefits of PJK Oil Market Analysis at a glance!

  • Good risk estimate
  • Better market timing
  • More insight in market drivers
  • Independent advice

In the international oil trade business, success is determined by the ability to quickly assess risks and opportunities. By a thorough assessment of these variables market players are able to anticipate future changes. As a result, they are better able to manage the timing of their buying and selling moments. This concretely means that profits can be maximized and/or losses limited.

It is also important for market players to understand what factors affect the trend of oil prices. A better understanding of these market fundamentals and its influencing factors will help them make better trading decisions. It also ensures that in their communication with customers they will become a reliable negotiating partner.

In a market environment where changes can follow each other rapidly and could have a serious impact on cash flows, it is useful to consult an independent expert. An independent specialist that makes it possible to test your own vision of the market direction and thus can serve as a sounding board.

Product specifications

Frequency: twice a day at 10:00 and 16:00CET
Format: PDF
Region: Northwest Europe


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