PJK ARA oil inventories

The weekly ARA stocks report gives the aggregated oil inventories of independent storage companies in the ARA-region. It is used by oil companies, governmental organizations and financial businesses to analyze and predict supply and demand fluctuations.

PJK’s ARA oil product stock report is published every Thursday* at 16:15 (CET). The report incorporates aggregate stock level data for the ARA for different product groups:

  • Naphtha
  • Gasoline
  • Jet-kerosene
  • Gas oil / diesel
  • Fuel oil


PJK’s inventory report is based on information sourced directly from storage companies. The information consists of current inventory levels per product group and because PJK publishes this data on the same day it receives it, there is practically no time-lag between measurement and publication of the data.

Therefore, our report gives the fastest update of current inventory levels in the ARA. Competing stock reports lag our data by one week to several months. Additionally, because our data originates from the storage company’s own inventory management systems, PJK’s data is very accurate and reliable.

In short: This means that you get ARA stock data in the most accurate and fastest way possible at a reasonable price.

Product specifications

Frequency: once a week, every Thursday at 16:15CET
Delivery: Excel report
Region covered: ARA

(*) Due to public holidays or other circumstances the report may be published on another day or time.

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