Who is PJK International

PJK International (1978) is an independent market research company specialized in international petroleum and petrochemical industries. We offer market data, market analysis reports, consultancy and training services to our customers to support their commercial decision making. We are able to add value by our extensive knowledge and network in the sector in combination with our data driven and quantitative approach.

PJK International focuses on research and analysis of:

  • physical oil product markets within North West Europe
  • markets for related financial derivatives like futures, swaps and options
  • markets for storing and transporting oil – and petrochemical products within North West Europe


Furthermore, PJK International advises companies about trading & risk management, storing and transport of oil products and petrochemicals during various projects including feasibility studies and commercial due diligence projects.

At the end of 2016, PJK International acquired a majority stake in Downstream and PortStorage Group which owns and operates TankTerminals.com.

Downstream, established in 1999, is an independent Dutch consultancy company with a focus on global tank storage specialized in the fields of business development, feasibility studies, market analysis and M&A support. PortStorage Group, established in 2008, owns and operates TankTerminals.com, the world’s largest independent and commercial tank storage database.

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