PJK International was founded by Pieter J. Kulsen. Pieter who has a commercial economic background and made a career in international oil trading before he started his own business. He worked for two major oil companies and two oil trading organizations and worked in London, New York and Hamburg. In 1978 he founded PJK International and started to work fulltime for his own in May 1985. Eventually he specialized in the analysis and interpretation of market developments within the international petroleum industry. Currently Pieter is associated to the company as an advisor.

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Starting in April 2006 Patrick D. Kulsen, the youngest son of Pieter Kulsen, has joined the company. Before he worked for four and a half years for ASM International as a mechanical and commercial engineer. Patrick has a background in Quantitative Finance, Systems Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. From January 2014, Patrick has taken full responsibility as managing director of the company.

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Jacob van den Berge began working at PJK International in March 2012 as a oil market analyst and sales executive. Before PJK he worked for five years in various sales-oriented roles with LogicaCMG for amongst others customers in the international oil-industry. His first job after graduating was with the Dutch sales office of an international oil company. Jacob has a bachelor in Commerical Economics and a master in Business Administration.

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Since January 2015, Lars van Wageningen is responsible, as market analyst, for the daily published barge freight rates. Key objectives include the transparent, unbiased and reliable assessments of the barge freight rates. He also provides support in various consulting projects related to the Northwest European oil market. Lars graduated in 2014 in MSc Strategic Management at Rotterdam School of Management. His last position was as trainee in the European vegetable oil market.

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Starting from November 2010 Kim Kulsen-van Zon has been an employee at PJK International. She is responsible for PJK’s accounting and has a supportive role for staff and organisation.

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