Mission, vision, values

Mission PJK International

PJK International supports market players in the North West European oil market to optimise their commercial business processes by delivering market information, market analysis and consultancy. We are considered as an innovative and highly skilled partner and we strive to maintain and improve our capabilities in these areas. We are willing to enlarge the scope of our portfolio of services to be of more value to our customers.

Vision PJK International

Globalisation, increasing geopolitics, alternative fuels and developments in information technology have increased the complexity, volatility and business risks in the petroleum industry. Market information is becoming more essential and at the same time easier to access. However, interpretation of this information is becoming harder and unforeseen events can reverse trends almost instantly.

PJK International would like to keep having an important role for its customers in this everchanging environment. Helping to interpret the market, short term estimates of market trends and risk management are high quality services which fit the needs of the market. By regularly improving our services we will stay an attractive partner for the market participants.

The key areas on which our success is based are:

  • Thorough and continuous knowledge development in the area of fuel, derivatives and transport markets
  • Risk management
  • Customeroriented service
  • Continuous evaluation and improvement of services
  • Adding value by using modern econometric and quantitative methods
  • Maintaining and expanding a large network of contacts in relevant markets

Values PJK International

The most important business values for PJK International are:

  • Integrity and independency
  • Quality, reliability and flexibility of services
  • Mutual respect towards all stakeholders
  • Teamwork
  • Growth of knowledge, experience and business results
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Professionalism

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