Rapeseed oil

Rapeseed oil is cold pressed oil that comes from the seeds of oilseed rape. By heating with energy that comes out of a heat exchanger in the cooling system of the engine rapeseed oil that has the same consistency as diesel. When a motor is suitable for rapeseed oil and the consistency of this, it runs fine on this.

Engines that run on rapeseed oil knocks half the soot from normal diesel. Also, canola oil contains no heavy metals and sulfur in the exhaust. Canola oil works best when the engine is warmed up equally.

A disadvantage of the rapeseed oil is thick consistency thicker than that of diesel. As a result, the pressure in an internal combustion engine on the fuel and flows with difficulty from the tank to the engine. When rapeseed oil in the engine is ended, let it difficult mists into the cylinders.

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