Natural gas

Natural gas is a fossil fuel. It is formed in the same process that leads to the formation of crude oil and lighter fraction of organic products. As a result, natural gas is often found together with oil, although gas sees opportunities to penetrate into other layers than the more heavier oil and therefor a separation may occur.

In Europe, natural gas, is especially found in and around the North Sea includingg the northern area of the Netherlands. In the past, natural gas was often regarded as a waste product of oil extraction and simply flared. Even now, it still happens when it is far from consuming regions and transport to these regions proves to be too difficult.

Environmentally speaking this is regrettable because of the fossil fuels, natural gas is the cleanest kind. However, flaring is better than methane escaping into the atmosphere. Methane’s impact to the greenhouse effect is approximately 21 times higher than carbon dioxide.

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