Financial sector

Institutions in the financial sector are active in the international oil industry in various roles, either direct or indirect. In a more direct rol for example by hedging positions or by creating profits. These institutions also operate in a more indirect and advisory role. From both poistion market information is essential to minimize risks and maximize costs.

Figures that provide insight in the inland barge transport sector are the barge freight rates that PJK International publishes on a daily base. This data will give the financial institutions insight on the current revenue flows.

Should a financial institution be interested in the tank storage sector for oil products in the ARA region, then the ARA stock report that PJK International releases every week could be of more assistance. This report outlines the current supply and demand balance and gives the institutions the opportunity to forecast the future market outlook.

Besides these figures about market fundamentals in the inland barge transport – and tank storage sector, PJK International is a suitable and worthy partner to conduct more extensive and in-depth market research in various oil related sectors. For example market research in the refinery sector, commercial due diligence of specific assets or market entry strategy for foreign companies. This type of research is clustered in PJK’s Consultancy Services.

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