Market research

Market research of the Northwest European oil market is one of PJK International’s core activities. PJK International is involved in daily and weekly research activities of different kinds of market fundamentals like oil prices, barge freight rates and oil product stocks. Through daily or weekly updates our customers are kept informed on the actual market situation. They can quickly recognize market changes and act accordingly.

Besides these daily research activities PJK International is engaged in more depth market research with a longer time horizon. In this type of market research, macro-economic data is often combined with information obtained from an extensive network of specialists. This combination makes it possible to identify fundamental trends. Understanding what the market direction is supports our customers in determining their strategic direction. The results of this market research are usually published once a year.

Over the years PJK International has built a proven track record in the field of market research of the Northwest European oil market. Trading companies, banks, oil companies, transporters and others all use PJK International’s market information to support them in their strategic or operational decision making.

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