ARA gasoline stocks rise 7.4 pct

LONDON, Feb 26 (Reuters) – ARA gasoline stocks held in independent storage at Europe’s Antwerp-Rotterdam-Amsterdam hub rose 7.4 percent to 881,000 tonnes in the week to Thursday, data from Dutch-based PJK International showed.

ARA gasoil stocks slightly fell to 3.114 million tonnes from the record high hit last week due in part to a rare arbitrage to the U.S. Atlantic Coast, where freezing weather has increased demand.

26/02/2015 19/02/2015 27/02/2014
Gasoline 881 820 888
Naphtha 198 211 81
Gasoil  3,114 3,146 1,988
Fuel oil 632 1,009  607
Jet fuel 543 554 409


Incoming cargoes           Outgoing cargoes
Gasoline Estonia, Germany, Latvia,  Russia, UK Brazil, Mexico, Suez for orders, WAF
Naphtha France, Portugal, Russia None
Gasoil Russia, USA UK, US Atlantic Coast
Fuel oil France, Germany, Russia 3 VLCCs loading for Singapore
Jet fuel India, South Korea None


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