ARA gasoline stocks fall on fewer imports, many exports- PJK – Reuters News

LONDON, May 11 (Reuters) –

  • Gasoline stocks in independently held storage in the Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp (ARA) refining and storage hub fell to their lowest since January in the past week, data from Dutch consultancy PJK International showed
  • Last week data showed total stocks had fallen to their lowest this year in the previous week at just over 5 million tonnes
  • Last week saw a decrease in gasoline and naphtha stocks due to less import volumes into ARA and smaller inflow from the Rhine refineries, said Patrick Kulsen of PJK
  • Gasoline was also exported to destinations ranging from Latin America to the Far East and the United States and West Africa
  • Gas oil stocks fell on fewer imports
  • Fuel Oil stocks were up last week, with no VLCCs going out of the region