ARA gasoline stocks fall for fourth week

LONDON, June 6 (Reuters) – Gasoline stocks independently held in Europe’s Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp hub fell for a fourth straight week to 747,000 tonnes, data from Dutch oil analyst Pieter Kulsen showed on Thursday.

Gasoline stockpiles declined 0.5 percent as limited barge trade in Europe due to the flooding of the river Rhine was offset by strong overseas exports.
“Few trades have been done this week along the Rhine but (shipping traffic) is expected to restart next week as far as weather forecasts suggest,” Kulsen said.

Gasoline cargoes entered ARA from Britain, France, Latvia, Russia and Sweden and exported to Algeria, Britain, China, Greece, Mexico, Nigeria and Sweden.

No tankers sailed to the U.S. East Coast, reflecting the low arbitrage economics as stock levels in the New York area remain high.
Naphtha stocks dropped 10.4 percent to 103,000 tonnes, with cargoes coming in from Sweden.

06/06/13 30/05/13 07/06/12
GASOLINE 747 751 724
NAPHTHA 103 115 140
GAS OIL 2,254 2,111 2,328
FUEL OIL 634 828
JET FUEL 401 366

ll figures in thousands of tonnes

Gasoil stocks rose 6.7 percent due to the lack of business along the Rhine, Kulsen said. Cargoes arrived from India and Russia and Shipped to France, Hamburg, Germany and the Mediterranean.

Fuel oil stocks dropped 23.4 percent as a VLCC loaded to ship from the ARA region to Singapore. Cargoes entered the hub from Brazil, Britain, France, Poland and Russia.

Jet stocks rose 9.5 percent to 401,000 tonnes with one cargo arriving from the Mediterranean.

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