30-08-2013: ARA gasoil stocks down 4.5 percent

LONDON, Aug 29 (Reuters) – Gasoil stocks independently held at the Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp hub fell 4.5 percent in the week ended Aug. 29 to 2.087 million tonnes, Dutch oil consultant Patrick Kulsen said on Thursday.

Barges are moving freely out of ARA again as a German lock-keepers’ strike has ended. This had created delays to shipping along the Rhine and other inland waterways.
“There was also a problem at Cologne last week because of a combination of low water levels and sediment, which reduced the maximum draft,” said Kulsen.
After barges ran aground, authorities had to dredge the riverbed to reduce the silt levels. Water levels rose following rain last weekend, but have now slipped back to 150 cm at Kaub, an important measuring point for the Rhine.

As a result, big barges of about 2,500 tonnes can only load up to 60 percent of their maximum capacity, Kulsen said, which will increase freight costs .
“Water levels are forecast to fall to around 130 cm over the next four days,” Kulsen added, indicating the problem would continue.

Gasoline inventories rose almost 17 percent to 715,000 tonnes as several cargoes arrived in ARA from the Baltic. No exports were made to the United States or West Africa for the second week running.

Fuel oil inventories rose to 703,000 tonnes as no VLCCs departed for Singapore. Jet fuel stocks rose to 425,000 tonnes, boosted by imports from Asia and South Africa.

29/08/13 22/08/13 30/08/12
GASOLINE 715 613 618
NAPHTHA 61 78 126
GAS OIL 2,087 2,186 2,411
FUEL OIL 703 554
JET FUEL 425 337
All figures in thousands of tonnes
Incoming cargoes Outgoing cargoes
GASOLINE Germany, Latvia, Poland, Sweden Lithuania, Mexico, Poland
GAS OIL Russia, Britain
FUEL OIL Lithuania, Russia,Spain, USA
JET FUEL India, South Africa, South Korea

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