22-05-14: ARA gasoline, gasoil stocks rose w-o-w

LONDON, May 22 (Reuters) – Gasoline stocks held at Europe’s Amsterdam-Antwerp-Rotterdam (ARA) storage hub rose almost 6.5 percent to 1.038 million tonnes in the week to Thursday, data from Dutch oil analyst Pieter Kulsen showed.

Gasoil stocks also increased, rising 4.23 percent to 1.734 million tonnes. Inventories of naphtha, jet fuel and fuel oil all inched down, the data showed.

“Generally the demand is slack,” Kulsen said. Refineries in northwest Europe have returned from maintenance in recent weeks, increasing volume availability in the region and putting further pressure on prices.

At the same time, gasoline exports from Europe to the U.S. East Coast have slowed down, traders said. Demand for diesel and heating oil along the Rhine has been weak over the past week, Kulsen said.

22/05/14 15/05/14 23/05/13
GASOLINE 1,038 975 848
NAPHTHA 140 147 116
GAS OIL 1,734 1,663 2,123
FUEL OIL 658 667
JET FUEL 355 356 346
All figures in thousands of tonnes
Incoming cargoes Outgoing cargoes
GASOLINE Britain, Estonia, Finland, Mediterrranean Brazil, Britain, France, Mexico, WAF for orders, USA
NAPHTHA Britain, Russia cif NWE
GAS OIL Britain, South merica, Russia, USA France, WAF for orders
FUEL OIL Brazil, Britain, France, Lithuania, Russia, Poland, USA None
JET FUEL United Arab Emirates None

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