13-09-2013: Gasoil stocks were at 2.148 million to

LONDON, Sept 12 (Reuters) – Gasoil stocks independently held at the Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp storage hub rose 4.4 percent week-on-week, data from Dutch oil consultant Pieter Kulsen showed on Thursday.

Gasoil stocks were at 2.148 million tonnes for the week to Sept 12, up from 2.057 million tonnes in the previous week. While cargo trading remained strong, barge traffic was still limited due to weak demand, Kulsen said. An outage of a section of a major oil product pipeline in Germany further limited trade.

Naphtha stocks more than doubled to 104,000 tonnes after a rare cargo arrived from Nigeria and as product continued to be used for blending into gasoline, Kulsen added. Two VLCCs carrying fuel oil were expected to arrive the ARA region on Sept 14 and 16 and to be loaded fore export destination Singapore.

12/09/13 05/09/13 13/09/12
GASOLINE 718 720 688
NAPHTHA 104 50 108
GAS OIL 2,148 2,057 2,318
FUEL OIL 697 711
JET FUEL 435 482
All figures in thousands of tonnes
Incoming cargoes Outgoing cargoes
GASOLINE Britain, Estonia,Lithuania, Poland,Spain, Turkey Britain, Canada, Nigeria, USA, WAF for orders
NAPHTHA Nigeria, Russia
GAS OIL India, Russia, USA NWE (France)
FUEL OIL Britain, Lithuania, Poland, Russia 2 VLCCs to Singapore
JET FUEL India, Saudi Arabia

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