11-12-14 Weekly ARA gasoline stocks rise 18%

LONDON, Dec 11 (Reuters) – Gasoline stocks at Europe’s Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp hub rose by 18 percent to 684,000 tonnes in the week to Thursday, according to Dutch oil analyst PJK International.

The increase puts ARA gasoline inventories at their highest level since early September.

“The gasoline market in northwest Europe is weak at the moment. There is little demand in the U.S. and no exports to West Africa,” PJK analyst Patrick Kulsen said.

Stocks were further increased by blending of naphtha in the gasoline stocks, he added.

Gasoil stocks also rose – to 2.660 million tonnes, from 2.578 million tonnes last week, according to PJK data.

“Gasoil demand is average at the moment as it is not very cold,” Kulsen said.

11/12/14 04/12/14 12/12/13
GASOLINE 684 579 619
NAPHTHA 262 269 89
GAS OIL 2,660 2,578 1,716
FUEL OIL 681 744
JET FUEL 519 476 366
All figures in thousands of tonnes
Incoming cargoes Outgoing cargoes
GASOLINE Italy, Poland, Saudi Arabia, UK Algeria, Med, US
NAPHTHA Italy, Poland, Russia none
GAS OIL France, Italy, Qatar, Russia, Sweden, US none
FUEL OIL Estonia, Germany, Finland, France, Russia, US Two VLCCs part cargo destination Singapore
JET FUEL India, South Korea, Portugal, Saudi Arabia France

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