07-08-14 ARA gasoline stocks rose 2%

LONDON, Aug 7 (Reuters) – Gasoline stocks at Europe’s Amsterdam-Antwerp-Rotterdam (ARA) hub rose 2 percent to 761,000 tonnes in the week to Thursday, data from oil analyst Patrick Kulsen showed.

Gasoil stocks fell slightly to 2.610 million tonnes from 2.634 million tonnes last week, the data showed. Naphtha, jet fuel and fuel oil stocks all fell too.

The lack of exports to the U.S. East Coast, a key market, in recent weeks contributed to the build in gasoline stocks, Kulsen said.

07/08/14 31/07/14 08/08/13
GASOLINE 761 746 783
NAPHTHA 152 246 118
GAS OIL 2,610 2,634 1,958
FUEL OIL 591 664
JET FUEL 368 425 427
All figures in thousands of tonnes
Incoming cargoes Outgoing cargoes
GASOLINE Germany, Portugal WAF, Puerto Rico, U.S.
NAPHTHA France, Portugal, Russia Germany
GAS OIL Argentina, Poland, Russia France, Britain
FUEL OIL Brazil, Britain, France, Germany, Poland, Russia No VLCC
JET FUEL South Korea

London, 7 August (Argus) — Stocks of crude products independently stored in the Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp (ARA) refining and storage hub in northwest Europe were lower for the week, led by a draw in naphtha.

Total inventories fell by 233,000t or 4.94pc to 4.48mn/t, according to data published by Dutch consultancy PJK International.

Despite weakness in market fundamentals, naphtha inventories fell by 38pc to 152,000t. Volumes were delivered to Germany as gasoline blenders sought supplies, while arrivals were received from France, the Baltic and Portugal.

Stocks of jet fuel came to 368,000t, down by 57,000t. Steady seasonal demand from the aviation sector outweighed volumes delivered from Asia and the Mideast Gulf as well as supply from European refiners.

Fuel oil stocks were also lower, down by 73,000t to 591,000t. A reported outage at BP’s 88,000 b/d Rotterdam Europoort refinery saw stocks delivered into Europe, as Russia, France, Germany and the UK delivered supplies for storage.

Gasoil inventories were marginally lower, falling by just 24,000t to 2.61mn/t.

Gasoline saw the only rise in stock levels, climbing by a modest 15,000t to 761,000t as weak domestic demand in Europe and cargo arrivals from Portugal and Germany outweighed a relatively busy arbitrage to west Africa. The arbitrage to the US has been shut, leading to a further build-up of supplies in Europe.

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