06-09-2013: Weekly ARA gasoil stocks edge lower

LONDON, Sept 5 (Reuters) – Gasoil stocks independently held at the Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp storage hub dropped slightly in the week ending Thursday due to limited barge traffic, data from Dutch oil consultant Pieter Kulsen showed.
Gasoil stocks edged down by 1.4 percent from the previous week to 2.057 million tonnes.

Jet fuel stocks rose by around 13 percent, the biggest change among the oil products. Gasoline stocks were up 0.69 percent to 720,000 tonnes.
Very low water levels on the Rhine river and its tributaries in recent days have led to a drop in barge traffic into inland Europe.

The limited activity was compounded by expectations that German canal locks operators would launch a general strike on Sept. 9-15, Kulsen said.
“Discussions on fresh business are almost impossible, because no one knows how the strike will affect transport,” he said.
“Additionally, lower water levels on the Rhine are limiting loading and affecting Rhine freight rates, which have gone up this week and will possibly increase further.”

05/09/13 29/08/13 06/09/12
GASOLINE 720 715 737
NAPHTHA 50 61 131
GAS OIL 2,057 2,087 2,474
FUEL OIL 711 703
JET FUEL 482 425
All figures in thousands of tonnes
Incoming cargoes Outgoing cargoes
GASOLINE Britain, Germany, Estonia, Portugal Britain, USA
FUEL OIL Brazil, Britain, Estonia, Poland, Russia VLCC expected to arrive Sept. 12 to load for Singapore
JET FUEL India, Saudi Arabia

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